Editor Sarah-Jane Prew is a cabin safety and security consultant and has been the Editor of Cabin Safety Update since its inception in 1995.

She has carried out consultancy and training with airlines from all over the world and has visited airline training centres in every continent to report on their training and facilities. Sarah has experience in all aspects of cabin safety and security training and holds the following qualifications / experience:

  • FAA Survival Factors Accident Investigation
  • UK CAA / Department for Transport Aviation Security Manager
  • UK CAA / Department for Transport Aircrew Security Instructor
  • UK CAA / Department for Transport Recognition of Firearms and Explosives (RFX) Instructor
  • UNODC (United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime) Human Trafficking Awareness Trainer
  • Advanced Transportation Security Techniques (Israel)
  • Explosives Concealment & Screening (Israel)
  • Hijack Management (UK and Israel)
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Body Search
  • Passenger Restraint Training and De-Escalation Techniques
  • Joint Pilot / Cabin Crew Resource Management Training
  • UK Merchant Navy Training Board Sea Survival Course
  • Helicopter Winch Training
  • Underwater Escape Training
  • Open Water Sea Survival Training (UK, USA)
  • Desert Survival Training  (USA)
  • Wilderness First Aid (USA)
  • First Aid and Aviation Medicine
  • Attended SAR missions with UK and USA Coastguard

Sarah has carried out academic research into the field of passenger behaviour in emergency situations, as well as investigating the best way of relaying safety information to passengers through the in-flight safety briefing.

Sarah sits on UK House of Commons ‘Dementia and Aviation’ panel as aviation security advisor

She is a regular speaker at aviation events throughout the world and frequently advises the media in the aftermath of aviation accidents.

Sarah is also a Regional Manager for Crimestoppers UK where she specialises in Aviation & Ports work, Human Trafficking and Counter Terrorism.