Survival Training

The Cabin Safety Update team offers both theoretical and practical survival training to airline crews and trainers. The Editor, Sarah-Jane Prew is the Author of Survival for Aircrew.

Whether you need general advice about what training to give your crew members, a full blown course based at your facilities tailored especially for your instructors, or just want to come on one of our survival seminars, then contact us.

We can offer advice and training in the following areas of survival:

  • Sea Survival
  • Jungle Survival
  • Desert Survival
  • Arctic Survival
  • Survival Equipment
  • Search and Rescue

Sarah-Jane Prew has a wide range of experience of survival, having attended many courses and worked with many professional groups.

Courses / training include:

  • UK Merchant Navy Training Board Sea Survival Course
  • Helicopter Winch Training
  • Underwater Escape Training
  • Open Water Sea Survival Training (UK, USA)
  • Desert Survival Training (USA)
  • Wilderness First Aid (USA)
  • First Aid and Aviation Medicine
  • Attended SAR missions with US and USA Coastguard

She has attended courses and researched with, among others, the UK and US Coast Guards, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force School of Combat Survival and the UK Department of Transport.